How to Lace Vans the Right Way: The Ultimate Guide


The popularity of Vans continues to grow. There are many colors, styles, and options. They are made from durable materials and extremely comfortable. The price is reasonable for a top quality shoe that also makes a fashion statement. Even so, it is amazing how many consumers own them but don’t know how to lace vans correctly!

Many consumers simply leave their Vans with the laces the way they were when they got the pair. They assume the way they are brand new is just how they should be done. They don’t give it a second thought. That is all about to change now with the information you have access to here.

The proper lacing method for Vans shoes depends on the specific model of the item. There are distinct lacing techniques to use on them. Identify your particular shoe and then try out the method that is the best match for it. You will be impressed with the difference it makes. Your shoes will stay securely in place and the laces won’t come undone throughout the day.


Vans Authentic was the first model introduced and continues to be one of the top sellers today. They can be worn casually or for a dressier appearance. This versatility makes them a good investment as they can be worn frequently with a variety of items. You will notice the lacing is closed at the bottom. When they are tired correctly, it will be neat looking and tight.

Insert the lace through the bottom eyelet and make sure you even it up. The same amount of lace should remain on both sides. As you thread the laces on this Vans shoe, do so in a crisscross pattern. Make sure you don’t skip any of the eyelets in the process. Even out the remaining length after each section. Continue this to the very top and then complete it with a bow style tie. 


Vans Era is widely regarded for its stylish design and overall comfort. They have more padding than the Authentic Vans, so they work well for those that move around quite a bit. Their feet are less likely to be sore at the end of the day. They have been very popular with athletes and skaters for a long time.

They can be laced the same way as the Authentic above. However, the Authentic tend to have only black or white laces. Era shoes have colorful options to coincide with the many different colors of these shoes.  It is essential to tie them correctly, especially when taking part in skateboarding or other activities. If they come unlaced, it can create an issue.

Old Skool

Very few people aren’t fond of the Old Skool Vans. They were the first to have the side stripe that is now widely seen on Vans shoes. They are very durable due to the additional stitching, allowing them to be worn for a long time without signs of wear. The Old Skool shoes have more eyelets than the previously mentioned models. They can still be crossed laced like both of those.

The preferred method of how to lace Vans correctly for the Old Skool model is to use a bar lace method. The bar lacing involves putting the lace through the bottom eyelet and making sure there are even amounts remaining on both sides. Working up the sides, create an S pattern. Make sure your efforts leave a horizontal line on the top.

This will hide the rest of the material under the lace guards. The bar lace process is going to take time to master. Don’t get frustrated with it, just give it some practice and you will get it right! It looks nicer than the criss-cross pattern, and it looks wonderful on the Old Skool shoes!


Vans fans adore the high top models, Sk8-Hi was the first of them introduced. The new look was appealing, but the design was intended to give skaters more overall support. The additional support for the ankles from injuries and interaction with the board was a hit. There are 8 eyelets on each side of this model of shoe.

You will notice the laces for them are much longer than your typical shoelace.  The shorter ones aren’t going to work as you will run out of materials before you get to the top. The laces should be flat with the Sk8-Hi rather than round. Bar lacing is ideal for getting a nice look and keeping the laces tight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lacing Vans

There are some frequently asked questions consumers have about Vans shoes and lacing them. The age old question of over versus under for lacing has to be addressed! If you have Old Skool vans, lacing them correctly makes a difference. Proper washing allows you to care for them and keep them looking great. The shoes get worn often but they don’t have to look dingy either.

How do you lace Vans – over or under?

It depends on the model of the shoe and the look you want. The crisscross option is good for certain shoes. For others, the bar lace concept is best. Take a look at both of them and consider your model of shoe.

How do you lace Old Skool Vans?

The best option for Old Skool vans is to use the bar lace method mentioned above. 

How do you wash Vans?

Before you wash them, take the laces out of the shoes. White laces can get dirty easily. Toss them into the washing machine with a load of laundry and they will look like new again.  Even when your laces are colored, they should be washed regularly to keep them free from dirt and debris. 

Avoid putting your Vans shoes into the washer and dryer. Use mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris from them. Rinse with a clean rag and then dry them off. Once your laces are dry you can re-insert them.

A Final Word

Now that you know how to lace vans correctly, don’t take shortcuts or get lazy with it. Keeping them tight as you move around allows them to offer support for your feet while being comfortable. This can prevent injuries such as a twisted ankle or other concerns while you move around in them. Taking care of your Vans properly allows them to look amazing and last a long time! 

You may have some bad habits to break regarding your Vans and how to lace them the right way. Focus on doing it correctly moving forward. You will get faster with it and better each time. The new method will replace the bad habits you had before. Say goodbye to shoes that don’t stay tight enough or stay tied, the right method is going to change all of that! 

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